Little Castle

Professional Academic Services

At Little Castle, our goal is to help you present your hard-earned research results in the best way possible. We offer proofreading, language editing, and other publishing-related services.

Proofreading and language editing for scientific manuscripts

Our editors are experienced research and academic professionals with excellent publication and presentation track records. We have first-hand experience in editing and guiding non-native English speakers write their manuscripts.


Presentation guidance for conference and scientific meetings

We provide presentation practices and coaching for researchers looking to improve their public speaking skills. Little Castle provides practice partners and feedback for your upcoming talk!

mentoring young researchers and women in STEM

Little Castle Support Room

Our consultants understand that researchers of all levels can experience needing some support. Talk to us with your concerns.

We welcome anyone who might need a listening ear. We encourage women and girls in STEM, members of cultural or gender minorities to feel comfortable reaching out.