Avail of Professional Academic Services

Little Castle provides different services that address academic needs. We provide scientific editing, proofreading and language editing for your manuscripts and reports. Your results are valuable, and we are here to help you communicate it to the greater community! Our team is here for you.

Scientific Editing, Proofreading and Language Editing

We offer English language editing and proofreading to improve

Scientific Articles

Extended Abstracts

Research Proposals

Technical Reports

We can include separate services such as:

  • checking that manuscript adheres to journal format
  • formatting your articles into LaTeX using Overleaf
  • editing reference list

To avail of our proofreading or editing services,

Send us an email at inquire@little-castle.com, ask for the service you require and attach a copy of your paper. We will respond with a price quotation.

Presentation Practice

We provide practice partners to students and professionals who would like practice their English presentations in a private and safe environment. Get ready for your upcoming talk/conference presentation/seminar/report with us! Our team is here to provide constructive feedback.

To avail of our presentation practice services,

Send us an email at inquire@little-castle.com, tell us about your presentation and we can set-up a free 10 min consultation call on Zoom.

Little Castle Support Room

Talk to us about specific help you need. We aim to give you support in your academic journey, whether you are a student looking for a graduate school adviser, a foreign student adjusting to a new culture, a PhD student thinking about your future, or a mid-career researcher needing a listening ear, Little Castle is here for you.

To talk to someone at the Little Castle Support Room,

Send us an email at inquire@little-castle.com, tell us about your concerns. Your concerns and future discussions with us will be kept confidential.

Sliding Scale Fee Structure

Little Castle advocates for equity in the scientific community. We understand that depending on where you are, what institution you work for, resources may not be equally distributed among us. We provide a sliding scale fee structure that depends on your ability to pay for our services.