Meet Little Castle’s expert editors and consultants

  • Our editors have 20+ years of academic research experience and excellent publication track records. We are also authors in reputable scientific journals, and are reviewers for different titles.
  • We worked collaboratively in international environments. Because of this, our team members are skilled in scientific editing manuscripts for non-Native English speakers.
  • Our team regularly gave oral and poster presentations in major international conferences in our fields of expertise. We can guide you with abstract submission, oral presentation practice, poster preparation and travel planning.
  • We experienced being foreign students, foreign researchers and professionals ourselves. As consultants, we can help you beyond your publishing and presentation needs. You are welcome to talk to our consultants.

Our Advocacy

  • Due to our diverse backgrounds, we understand how different researchers may have differences in funding, language fluency, access to facilities, etc. We strive for equity in science and research. Please inquire about our sliding scale fee structure!